EA: Binary Options BB Alert Heiken Ashi

This EA is based on BB Alert Arrows and Heiken Ashi Strategy.

Original Strategy:

– First, wait for BB Arrow.
– Then, check if Heiken Ashi (Red for SELL and White for BUY)
– Then check MBFX (Orange for SELL and Green for BUY)

But this strategy gives losses sometimes during a retrace against the trend.
So, I’m using an additional indicator: MT4-LevelStop-Reverse-Abiroid to indicate the current trend.


– BB_Alert Arrows
– Heiken Ashi
– MBFX Timing
– MT4-LevelStop-Reverse-Abiroid

Code change:


bool vars which are set based on BB Arrow


bool vars which are set based on Heiken Ashi and MBFX matching BUY/SELL


bool vars set based on current trend derived from MT4-LevelStop-Reverse-Abiroid.
Note that this is a modified indicator based on MT4-LevelStop-Reverse-vB0-4. The original indicator did not have buffer values.

So finally, you can modify this condition based on trial and error:


if(isBuyArrowOn && isTrendUp && isBuySignalOn)


if(isSellArrowOn && isTrendDown && isSellSignalOn)

I have found using all 3 to be the best. You can also try out different arrow indicators. Please let me know which ones are the most successful.
So, I’ll keep updating the strategy.

EA Supports:

– Forex Pips Strategy (as explained above)
– Martingale:
Set MM_Martingale_RestartLoss to true in the EAs Options – for no martingale.
– Strategy Tester CSV file:
Created here: \tester\files
– Screenshots in case of Loss:
Set TakeLossScreenshot to true in EAs Options.


All the files for the indicators as well as the EA are attached here:



This is a simple strategy giving good results for M15 timeframe expiry 1 bar. Best used on the most trending markets for your currency pairs.
Sideways markets give losses because the result could go either way.

I have tried using it for EURUSD pair with some very good results during London session.
But please use with DEMO account first.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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  1. Ada says:

    Hi thanks for the nice article sir, what binary options brokers do you recommend for your EAs?
    I am a newbie though but i noticed most brokers on mt4 offer only forex trading…pls i need your help

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