Installing Custom Indicators on MT4

Abiroid’s Custom Indicators and Expert Advisors Installation Instructions Post


You can purchase Abiroid MT4 products from store:

and Abiroid Shop:


If you purchase from Abiroid shop, you can download an ex4 from your accounts Downloads page:

My account

Installing Custom Indicator/experts ex4:

Go to your MT4 Data Folder. If you are not sure where it is, just go to File -> Open Data Folder

For Indicator copy ex4 to:

<your data folder>\MQL4\Indicators

For Expert advisor, copy ex4 to:

<your data folder>\MQL4\Experts


Next, go back to MT4 desktop app, and right click on Indicators list and click Refresh:

Do the same for Experts also. Your new custom indicator will now be visible in this list.

Just click and drag and drop it on your chart.


If you have subscribed to update emails while product purchase, then you will get an email when product is updated.

All updates will also be available in My Account -> Downloads section.


Installing Product bought from MT4 market:

Login to your mql5 account in MT4 desktop app. Make sure it’s the same account from which you made the purchase.

Find your username by going to your Profile page:

Go to Tools -> Options -> Community tab:

Next go to your Market tab and search for product and click Download:

Since you have already purchased it, you will see Download. If you still see “Buy” then you are not logged in to the same account from which you purchased.

Try logging in again. And check your username.


You can also directly install from mql5 website. It will be in Purchases section on mql5 site:


Update existing product:

Go to Market -> Purchased tab and click Update button:


All Abiroid Scanners have some common settings described here:

Abiroid Scanner Dashboard Common Settings

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