Red Fibex EA


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  1. Abir Pathak says:

    Hi Aarna,

    I have been working on the EA. But Red Fibex gives too many signals. Check out the blue arrows in the attached image. How about if we use Semafor value 3 to get only strong signals?
    Check out the attached image from next comment.

    Also semafor repaints a lot so we might need something more. I’m still trying to work it out to get the best possible Start Signal for entry trade.


    • Abir Pathak says:

      Another thing, the Red Fibex signal is sometimes very delayed. So if price is still below HL but already passed GO, should I still start trade or only use STOP order when price is still away from GO?


      • Abir Pathak says:

        Also, If a new Fibex signal appears, do I close the previous order and start a new one?

      • Aarna says:

        Let’s leave Semafor for now. Semafor repaints. I like volume idea. Try that and give option to enable disable volume checking. For new fibex signal closing, give on/off option for that also.

  2. Aarna says:

    Thanks. I’m testing it with M15. For higher timeframe like H1 I decrease minProfitDistance to 30. For M15, I keep it at 80. I also change minVolume for different timeframes. So far working well. I’m still trying different settings.

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