Radar Signal Scanner Dashboard



v1.0 Base Version

v1.1 Fixed incorrect BUY Target bug

v1.2 Fixed incorrect SELL Target bug

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Hey guys,

Here’s a dashboard for Radar Signal Trading System:

It is based on strategy here:


Get all extra Indicators and templates from the above link.

Symbols Meaning in Dash:

BUY: *** or SELL: ***

Gives the BUY/SELL Entry point

TGT: Target where Take Profit is to be placed

P&L: Profit and Loss in Points. Positive Green text value is profit and -ve Red text value is Loss

Yellow Text beside the P&L is remaining Points between current price and target


Read detailed information about Common Dashboard settings here:

Abiroid Scanner Dashboard Common Settings

Other Settings:

– Shift: If Shift is 0 it will display stats for current bar which is still forming.

– Refresh After Ticks: Number of ticks after which Dash is refreshed

– Min Distance from BUY/SELL Entry: If price comes this MinDistance near the Buy/Sell Entry line then block will turn Green or Red.

Comma Separated for different timeframes. Suppose you are using M30,H1. And this value is 40,80.

Then block will turn green if price is within 40 points near entry for M30. And within 80 points near entry for H1.

– MaxSpread: Keep 0 to disable. Else set a Max Spread. Useful for scalping. (Keep 10 or 15 for scalping)

– Check Volatility: If pair has low volatility, it will be disabled. If a pair is disabled, check your experts tab to see the logs.

Rest of the properties are to configure dashboard colors.



Since, Radar signal is very CPU intensive indicator,  Max supported TradePair/Timeframe combination is around 18.

E.g.: If you are using 7 forex pairs and 2 timeframes M30,H1. That will make it 14 pairs/timeframe combinations.

Your CPU might allow more than 18 pairs. But with too many pairs,  MT4 will run out of memory  and you will get this error in Experts tab:


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