EA: Hubba Hubba Strategy for Binary Options

Hi Friends,
I have made an expert advisor based on the Hubba Hubba Strategy for Forex Binary Options Trading.

This is an amazing strategy that was originally published on BinaryOptionsEdge forum I think. But I found it on FXProSystems:


It’s got a really good explanation. If you don’t know about the strategy, I suggest you read it on FXProSystems or on BinaryOptionsEdge:



Hubba Hubba Strategy

  1. An indicator called VCustom3 will give an overbought or oversold signal. Overbought means price will soon start going down so be ready to SELL and oversold means be ready to BUY.
  2. Another indicator called “Support and Resistance (Barry)” draws S/R lines. For BUY, price should cross the base support and for sell price should cross the upper resistance.
  3. Another indicator draws the Moving Average. For BUY candle open price should be below the MA and for SELL it should be above.

If all these conditions meet then open a BUY or SELL. So I wrote an expert advisor that does just that. But I found that by using just these conditions it was giving me a maybe 50% win-rate. I tested it on EURUSD and USDJPY backtesting in MT4. This was because even if the trend was mostly bearish it could still open a BUY and fail and vice-versa. Hubba Hubba strategy is awesome when used manually because we can see these patterns and an expert trader will use his gut.

So I wrote 2 functions to help me find Bullis/Bearish Trends:

Strategy#1: AnalyseTrend:

This uses an Indicator called Bulls-vs-Bears helps analyze whether the Bull or Bear trend is winning.

Found it here:


Strategy#2: AnalysePreviousPriceAction:

This will study the past 2 candles and if they indicate a bearish trend it will go ahead with the SELL and vice-versa.

So, I started getting a 65-68% win-rate. But I know that for Binary Options even this is not enough.

I had more success combining the 2 strategies but I was getting very very few signals with that.

In EA, on lines 600 and 643, you can comment/un-comment to change the strategies.

//isBullish = AnalysePreviousPriceAction(OP_BUY);
isBullish = AnalyseTrend(OP_BUY);
//isBearish = AnalysePreviousPriceAction(OP_SELL);
isBearish = AnalyseTrend(OP_SELL);


EA Details:

Run the EA on M5 or M15 timeframes. For testing it out, I have written code that will create a CSV file here:

MT4 DataFolder\tester\files\Abir_Hubba_Binary_Testing.csv

It will also create .gif image files in the same folder in case of a loss with a red arrow pointing the loss section. This is just so you can see which strategies work and which don’t 🙂

Inputs: Martingale inputs, BO_Expiry_Bars (after how many bars you need it to expire). E.g. On M5 chart if you set this to 3, it should expire in 15-minutes. By default it’s 1.
I recommend you to keep MaxOpenTrades to 1 as this might open multiple trades for BUY or SELL as the VCustom3 indicator can give overbought/sold for multiple consecutive bars.


I’m sharing my EA and would love for you guys to test it out. I haven’t had much time to backtest it over different charts and different timeframes. So far I have mostly used EURUSD and USDJPY for M5.



I really recommend that you use it on a DEMO account and not a real LIVE account!

I’ll update this post as I keep refining my strategy. I also hope that you guys could give me suggestions that I could try out to up my win-rate.
Let’s make this EA awesome together!
Many thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post.

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4 Responses

  1. Nav says:

    Hello, i can’t seem to load this indicator onto my MT4. Is there any way you can help me

    • Abir Pathak says:

      These are indicators:

      Unzip them and
      all ex4 and mq4 files will go in MQL4\Indicators folder.

      And this contains expert advisor:

      So ex4 and mq4 files should go into MQL4\Experts folder

      If all files are correctly places, can you show me what error you get?
      You can see the errors in the Journals tab or Experts tab in the Terminal.

  2. God day ma, i watch one your video at youtube, i saw turncoast resistabce indicator, please what kind of indicator is that? i want to know ma, it mension number pips.

  3. Abir says:

    Can you tell me which video?
    I mostly use this Support/Resistance indicator:

    It’s available here:

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