TDI Scanner Dashboard – Extras

This post contains the extra Metatrader 4 indicators for Market product:

TDI Scanner Dashboard

available here:

Demo version for free:

Demo allows 3 pairs. But contains all functionality of the actual dashboard.

So you can try it before buying 🙂

Additional TDI indicators/template:

To use TDI.tpl file, in Dashboard properties:

“Use Template For New Window”: TDI


Symbols Meaning:


How TDI Scanner Checks work (Sequence of Checks):

– Check Strong/Weak Up or Down Trend
– Check Strong/Medium/Weak BUY or SELL Signal
– Check if not Overbought/Oversold
– Check if not Consolidation
– Check Volatility (and if Weak and Medium set to be ignored)
– Check if away from SR (if SR set to true)
– Check higher TF trend align (if set to true)

Other Checks:

– Daily High/Low Detection

Checks for:

– SharkFin Pattern

Free indicator for SharkFin:

– TDI Trend: Strong/Weak Trend Up/Down

– TDI Signal: Strong/Medium/Weak Signal for Buy/Sell

– Consolidation

– Overbought/Oversold

– Volatility Bands

– Previous Day/Week/Month High/Low

What each button means (examples):

– If TDI Trend and TDI Signal both strong then a Green or Red BUY or SELL button

Left diamond is for trend:

– Green means Strong Up and Red means Strong Down

– Dark Green means Weak Up and Dark Red means Weak Down

Right (small diamond) Icon is for Volatility:

– White means high volatility

– Yellow means medium volatility

– Black means very low volatility

Middle Text is for TDI Signals:

– SFin means SharkFin pattern detected

– “D1 Hi” or “D1 Lo” means Previous Day High or Low Crossed

– Green M: Medium Buy and Red M: Medium Sell

– Lighter Green W: Weak Buy and Lighter Red W: Weak Sell

– Yellow OB: Overbought and OS: Oversold

– Blue C: Trend Consolidation


Popup alerts or email alerts or push notifications.


All Common Dashboard settings are explained in detail here:

TDI Dash Specific Settings:

– ShowWeakTrend: true/false To Show left diamond if trend is weak or not

– ShowVolatility: true/false To Show right diamond for volatility or not

– Refresh After Ticks (if shift 0): For shift 0, wait for this number of ticks before refreshing everytime. By default 100. If you want this to refresh faster specify a lower number.

For higher TF use a higher number like 300 or 500.


– Detect: true/false

– UseVolBands: Check Volatility Bands Cross along with SharkFin pattern

– Upper/Lower Levels: RSI Levels where price crosses and comes back to create a SharkFin

– MinLevelDist: Minimum distance from RSI Upper/Lower Level (for valid Sharkfin)

– MaxFinBars: Max no of bars within which pattern should be created


– Detect: true/false

– Period: Previous Day/Week/Month

– ShowAlerts

How to Trade:

Best way to use this indicator is with Support and Resistance, Fibo or other such supporting Indicators. Or any other indicator which might validate that trend is still strong and not near an SR Zone.

Use volatility for further checking the signal. Don’t trade when volatility diamond is black and trade carefully when Overbought or Oversold.

You can also use RSI and V-Bands patterns to trade. Like when an RSI “M” forms slightly outside the V-Bands, trade Sell if high volatility. Or if a “W” forms trade Buy.

Other good patterns are the RSI Head and Shoulders patterns. These patterns combined with Price Action are very accurate.

Important Note:

– Please don’t use too many Timeframes and too many Pairs because Scanner will need to scan each and every one and might get slower the more pairs you select.

– Best is to trade trending markets for higher timeframes. For lower timeframes, scalping sideways markets also works well with TDI.

– If you want price to be above the dashboard, then right click on chart -> Go to Properties (F8) -> Common Tab -> Check “Chart on Foreground”.

But if dashboard is behind the price chart, then you might have difficulty pressing the buttons. So, best to keep dash in the front and open buttons in new charts.

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4 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    I love the TDI dashboard. Please can you add the features to get alert when 3 time frame gives aligns for a buy or sell signal

    • Abir says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you like it 🙂

      The feature is already there. Just set Alert on Trend Align to true
      And set Number of Higher TFs Check to 3. So if scanner Timeframe is M15, it will check M15,M30,H1 for trend alignment.
      If you keep Trend Check Only for Strong Signals, it will give very few signals. Because it’s rare for all timeframes to have a Strong trend at the same time.
      So, best just to leave it false if you want more signals.


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