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TDI Sharkfin Arrows and Scanner

TDI Sharkfin Indicators Pack:
  • Sharkfin Arrows
  • Sharkfin Scanner
  • SM TDI: To show TDI lines with sharkfin levels
  • Zigzag MTF: To see Higher Timeframe trend

Range Breaker Scalper

  • Range Breakout
    • Breakout Bar: Min/Max Length
    • Bull/Bear Power
    • Tight Range before Breakout
  • NRTR Trend and HTF NRTR Trend
  • MA Stack Trend
  • Zigzag High Low Trend checks
  • Volume and Waddah Volatility Checks

TD Sequential Combo Arrows and Scanner

  • Set TD Setup (9), Countdown (13) bars and In Between bars (4)
  • Max Countdown Bars
  • Merge TD Setup and Countdown for TD Combo
  • Check Setup Intersection
  • Price Flip before Starting Setup count
  • Setup Perfected Check
  • Countdown Qualifier Check
  • TDST crossed break
  • Stop Countdown on Price Flip

Engulfing Candles Price Action

Find these engulfing patterns:
  • Simple Engulf
  • Stick Sandwich Engulf
  • Three Line Strike
  • Rising Three
  • Morning Star Doji

Bollinger Bands Breakout

  • Bollinger Bands Breakout
  • Waddah Explosion
  • SSL Trend Check
  • Max Spread Check
  • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit Option
  • Calculation of Profit Loss Points and Win/Loss Count and Profit Percentage
  • Debug Texts on bars to show why signal skipped

Darvas Box Strategy Arrows and Scanner

  • Check Darvas Box Breakout
  • Check Price Above/Below MA or Darvas Box has crossed MA
  • NRTR Trend Check
  • Heiken Trend Check
  • MA Slope Check
  • Higher Timeframes Price and MA check
  • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit Option
  • Variable Stop Loss at Darvas Box or Darvas Pivots or selected MA
  • Calculation of Profit Loss Points and Win/Loss Count and Profit Percentage

Murrey Lines Scalper

  • Selected Murrey Math Line Cross and reverse
  • Heiken Current and Higher Timeframe Trend Check
  • Zigzag Current and Higher Timeframe Trend Check
  • Min/Max height for crossing candle
  • Min Murrey Level Distance
  • Fixed SL/TP or variable stops at Murrey Levels

EMA Bounce Strategy

  • Check if 3 MAs are Stacked
  • Check Price Bounce Off MAs (Faster, Medium, Slower)
  • Min Distance Between Faster and Medium MA Filter
  • Max Distance Between Entry Price and Faster MA Filter
  • High Volume Check
  • Heiken Trend Check
  • Higher Timeframes MA Stacked check
  • Lower Timeframes MA Stacked check

Zigzag Arrows MTF NRP

  • Zigzag repainted arrows
  • Multi-timeframe
  • Non-repainting blue dots (when ZZ shifted)

Abiroid Extreme TMA System

Extreme TMA System:
  • Arrows Indicator
  • Scanner Dashboard
To verify this reversal, check 3 things:
  1. TMA Slope (of current and Higher timeframes)
  2. Support/Resistance Lines
  3. RSI OverBought/OverSold

Abiroid Sway COG

Reversal based Swing Indicator
  • Price crosses lower COG Band.
  • Faster EMA Crosses Slower EMA Upwards (and below inner COG band)
  • Higher Timeframe Trend Alignment
  • NRTR Support/Resistance Check
  • Higher Period MA Trend Direction Check

Abiroid MA Stack

Download PackFree:
  • Single Currency & Single Timeframe MA Stack
  • Single Currency & Multi-Timeframe Scanner
  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Timeframe Full Scanner Dashboard