Metatrader 4

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    Abiroid Heiken Scanner

    • Multi Heiken Parameters
    • Alerts & Highlights for Heiken Switch
    • Heiken Alignment Alerts
    • Multi-timeframe Alignment Alerts
    • Multi Currency
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  • Abiroid Waddah Scanner

    • Waddah Trend, Explosion Increase/Decrease
    • Trend Percentage with Threshold
    • DeadZone
    • Trend Direction Aligned Checks
    • Highlight and Alerts
    • Multi-Timeframe & Multi-Currency
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  • Simple Waddah Multimeter

    • Waddah Trend Direction
    • Trend Strength (above/below explosion line or deadzone)
    • Trend Explosion Alert
    • Alignment alerts
    • Multi-timeframe
    • Custom currency
    • Multi indicators on same chart (unique prefix)
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  • Abiroid Pinbar Scanner

    • Choose Pin bar checks:
      • PinBar Body Options
      • PinBar Nose and Tail Options
      • Left Eye Options
    • Engulfing Bar After Pin Bar
    • Overbought/Oversold with CCI or Stochastic or RSI
    • Distance of Pin bar body from nearest Quarter Point
      • Option to use Majors, halfpoints, quarters
    • Volatility Check
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  • TDI Sharkfin Arrows and Scanner

    TDI Sharkfin Indicators Pack:
    • Sharkfin Arrows
    • Sharkfin Scanner
    • SM TDI: To show TDI lines with sharkfin levels
    • Zigzag MTF: To see Higher Timeframe trend
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  • Abiroid Quarters Scanner

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  • Abiroid ZigZag High Low Counter

    • Show symbols for:
      • Higher-Highs, Higher-Lows
      • Lower-Lows, Lower-Highs
    • And show counter for each
    • Non-repainting option
    • Customize Color and horizontal/vertical labels
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  • TDI Cross Scanner

    • Show TDI Signal and Trend
    • Show Volatility & Overbought/Oversold
    • Show cross between:
      • PriceLine & TSL
      • PriceLine & MBL
      • MBL & TSL
      • PriceLine and Upper/Lower VBands
    • Alerts for alignment between multiple timeframes
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  • Range Breaker Scalper

    • Range Breakout
      • Breakout Bar: Min/Max Length
      • Bull/Bear Power
      • Tight Range before Breakout
    • NRTR Trend and HTF NRTR Trend
    • MA Stack Trend
    • Zigzag High Low Trend checks
    • Volume and Waddah Volatility Checks
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  • Abiroid PSAR Scanner

    • Scan for PSAR Switch
    • Check ADX line and +DI, -DI
    • Check Higher Timeframe PSAR Alignment
    • Check MA Stacked
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  • Template Switcher Script (Source Code)

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  • Abiroid High Low Count Scanner

    Find ongoing trends and ranges on any pair and any timeframe:
    • Uses Zigzag to find Highs and Lows
    • Get Higher Highs (HH) and Higher Lows (HL) Count
    • And Lower Lows (LL) and Lower Highs (LH) Count
    • Highlight Based on a Count Threshold
    • Get Alerts at Count Threshold
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  • TD Sequential Combo Arrows and Scanner

    • Set TD Setup (9), Countdown (13) bars and In Between bars (4)
    • Max Countdown Bars
    • Merge TD Setup and Countdown for TD Combo
    • Check Setup Intersection
    • Price Flip before Starting Setup count
    • Setup Perfected Check
    • Countdown Qualifier Check
    • TDST crossed break
    • Stop Countdown on Price Flip
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  • BB Squeeze Scanner

    • Uses Bollinger Bands & Keltner Channels to find BB Squeeze
    • Shows Volatility
    • Shows Trend Direction
    • Rising or Slowing Down Trend
    • Num Bars back BB Squeeze started
    • Alerts: Popup, Notifications, Email, File
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  • Engulfing Candles Price Action

    Find these engulfing patterns:
    • Simple Engulf
    • Stick Sandwich Engulf
    • Three Line Strike
    • Rising Three
    • Morning Star Doji
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  • Bollinger Bands Breakout

    • Bollinger Bands Breakout
    • CCI/RSI
    • Waddah Explosion
    • SSL Trend Check
    • Max Spread Check
    • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit Option
    • Calculation of Profit Loss Points and Win/Loss Count and Profit Percentage
    • Debug Texts on bars to show why signal skipped
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  • Darvas Box Strategy Arrows and Scanner

    • Check Darvas Box Breakout
    • Check Price Above/Below MA or Darvas Box has crossed MA
    • NRTR Trend Check
    • Heiken Trend Check
    • MA Slope Check
    • Higher Timeframes Price and MA check
    • Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit Option
    • Variable Stop Loss at Darvas Box or Darvas Pivots or selected MA
    • Calculation of Profit Loss Points and Win/Loss Count and Profit Percentage
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  • Murrey Lines Scalper

    • Selected Murrey Math Line Cross and reverse
    • Heiken Current and Higher Timeframe Trend Check
    • Zigzag Current and Higher Timeframe Trend Check
    • Min/Max height for crossing candle
    • Min Murrey Level Distance
    • Fixed SL/TP or variable stops at Murrey Levels
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  • EMA Bounce Strategy

    • Check if 3 MAs are Stacked
    • Check Price Bounce Off MAs (Faster, Medium, Slower)
    • Min Distance Between Faster and Medium MA Filter
    • Max Distance Between Entry Price and Faster MA Filter
    • High Volume Check
    • Heiken Trend Check
    • Higher Timeframes MA Stacked check
    • Lower Timeframes MA Stacked check
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  • Abiroid Slope MA

    • Moving Average Slope for Max Past Bars
    • Slope Period
    • Slope Thresholds
    • Multiple Slope Type options
    • See slope visually as a histogram
    • Info Panel Show/Hide
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  • Abiroid 3LZZ Simple Semafor Scanner

    • Set Periods for Semafor 1,2,3
    • Set alerts on/off for Semafor 1,2,3
    • Shift bar (Bar on which semafor is scanned)
    • Refresh After Ticks (Number of ticks when dash is refreshed)
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  • Abiroid Fibo and Pivot Scanner with Missed Pivots

    • Select separate Pivot Timeframes for each Dashboard Timeframe
    • Check when price is near a Pivot point
    • Check for Price Crossing Pivot Point
    • Use Mid Pivots (Optional)
    • Show Missed Pivots (Optional)
    • Show High Volume Bar
    • Use Fibo (Optional)
    • Use Fibo Golden Ratio (Optional)
    • Set your preferred Timeframe for Fibo or Pivots
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  • Zigzag Arrows MTF NRP

    • Zigzag repainted arrows
    • Multi-timeframe
    • Non-repainting blue dots (when ZZ shifted)
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  • Abiroid Extreme TMA System

    Extreme TMA System:
    • Arrows Indicator
    • Scanner Dashboard
    To verify this reversal, check 3 things:
    1. TMA Slope (of current and Higher timeframes)
    2. Support/Resistance Lines
    3. RSI OverBought/OverSold
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  • Abiroid Auto Fibo Indicator

    Auto Fibo draws Fibonacci Levels automatically using High/Low from 3LZZ or Zigzag.Red Fibo means down-trend and Green zigzag means uptrendAnd shows Marked levels when price crosses above/below level:
    • Blue Diamond if price Price crosses towards Trend
    • Orange Diamond if price reverses towards retracement
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  • Abiroid Sway COG

    Reversal based Swing Indicator
    • Price crosses lower COG Band.
    • Faster EMA Crosses Slower EMA Upwards (and below inner COG band)
    • Higher Timeframe Trend Alignment
    • NRTR Support/Resistance Check
    • Higher Period MA Trend Direction Check
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  • TTM Waves ABC with BB Squeeze

    Download Pack contains 2 types of TTM Wave Indicators and a Scanner:
    • 2 waves (and BB Squeeze)
    • 3 waves (and BB Squeeze)
    • Scanner Dashboard for multiple waves
    Use these indicators to validate your existing TTM Waves strategy. 
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  • Abiroid MA Stack

    Download PackFree:
    • Single Currency & Single Timeframe MA Stack
    • Single Currency & Multi-Timeframe Scanner
    • Multi-Currency & Multi-Timeframe Full Scanner Dashboard
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  • Abiroid Customizer Arrows and Scanner

    • Specify your own Custom Indicator
    • Specify Buffer values and create Variables
    • Use those Variables to create your own Buy/Sell Conditions
    • Get Arrows Up/Down Signals
    • See Arrows Signals in Scanners and how many bars back Signal occurred
    • Get Alerts on New Signals (Popup, Push, File or Email)
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  • Abiroid Donchian Scanner and Arrows

    • Donchain Channel Break
      • Min Channel Jump Points
      • Max Tight Ranging Bars Before Jump
    • Check High Volume
    • MA Filter (Buy: Price > MA OR Sell: Price < MA)
    • ADX > 25
    • HTF Align SMA
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  • Abiroid Support Resistance Scanner

    • Scan Support/Resistance zones
    • Show alert when price is inside these zones and highlight
    • Show or hide SR zones prices
    • Show or hide current price distance in points from SR zones
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  • Abiroid Supertrend Scanner

    Simplistic Supertrend scanner dashboard
    • Select: xSupertrend or Supertrend_CCI
    • Or select your own Custom Supertrend indicator
    • Supertrend Trend Direction Change Scan
    • Supertrend HTF Align
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  • Abiroid Halftrend Scanner

    • Scan Max Past Bars for Halftrend arrows
    • Scan HTF for Halftrend Trend Direction
    • 3LZZ Semafor before HT Arrow
    • Price Cross Check and Price distance to Halftrend Line
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  • Abiroid EMA Scalper

    • 1: MA Crossover Up/Down Arrow (Mandatory Check)
    • 2: If NRTR Check On (Optional):
      • If NRTR Shadow Distance On (Optional)
    • 3: If High Volume bar On
    • 4: If HTF Trend MA Align On (Optional)
    • 5: If TMA Slope On (Optional)
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  • GMMA Trend Scanner

    1. Current TF GMMA Cross and Trend (Mandatory Check.. G-Up/G-Down)
    2. HTF GMMA Trend Check (Optional.. slanting arrow)
    3. TDI or NRTR Trend Check (Optional.. diamond)
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  • TDI Scanner Dashboard

    • SharkFin Pattern
    • Check Strong/Weak Up or Down Trend and Strong/Medium/Weak BUY or SELL Signal
    • Check if not Overbought/Oversold or Consolidation and Volatility
    • Check if away from SR (if SR set to true)
    • Check higher TF trend align (if set to true)
    • Daily High/Low Detection
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  • ProfitPercent Arrows MA Confluence

    • Main Signal Indicators (Any One): MA Cross (In-built) or Hull, OBV Cross, Heiken Ashi Cross
    • Validation Indicators (Preferably less than 3): OBV (with Min Distance), Heiken Ashi, ADX, SuperTrend, PSAR, Higher TimeFrame EMA Alignment
    • If MA Cross and OBV Cross both are false, only then Heiken Cross will be taken as Main Signal.
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  • Profit Percent Stoch Ichimoku with ATR

    Main Signal, Trend Check and SL/TP Prediction:
    1. Stochastic/RSI/CCI OB/OS (Main Signal)
    2. Ichimoku/EMA Current TF and HTF(all optional):
    3. ATR (SL/TP Prediction)
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  • Ichimoku Scanner Dashboard

    • Price Kumo Breakout
    • Tenkan-Kijun Cross
    • Chikou/CLoud and Chikou/Price
    • Support/Resistance (SR-SS or SR-NRTR)
    • Stochastic OB/OS and back
    • Awesome Oscillator
    • Higher Timeframe Ichimoku Trend Align
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  • Abiroid TMA Slope

    Slope indicator for 3 types of TMA Bands:
    • TMA True (Non-repaint)
    • Fast Line TMA (Repaints)
    • TMA+CG (Repaints)
    Available extras ex4 files for all TMA Bands types. Useful to find if market is Trending or Ranging.
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  • Semafor 3LZZ Scanner Dashboard

    • Semafors 1,2,3 for Current Bar (Periods configurable)
    • Semafor 3 for Past Bars Highlighted
    • Higher Timeframe Ongoing Semafor 1,2,3 check
    • Higher Timeframe Stochastic Check
    • Support/Resistance Check
    • Alerts for Popup, Files, Push Notifications, Email (all optional)
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  • Abiroid BB Slope (Bollinger Bands)

    • Bollinger Bands Slope
    • Histogram for Center Line slope
    • Threshold values to set Histogram colors: Red, green
    • Buffer values for all 3 lines: top, middle and bottom slopes
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  • Abiroid COG Slope

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  • Abiroid 3MA Cross Dashboard

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  • Abiroid Dashboards to Telegram EA

    • Get Abiroid Indicator Alerts on Telegram with Screenshots
    • Refresh after every given number of ticks
    • FileFilter: Regex filter for finding files for which you need alerts
    • Your Telegram Channel
    • Your Telegram Token
    • Use Template For Screenshot
    • Screenshot Width/Height
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