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Abiroid Heiken Scanner

  • Multi Heiken Parameters
  • Alerts & Highlights for Heiken Switch
  • Heiken Alignment Alerts
  • Multi-timeframe Alignment Alerts
  • Multi Currency

Abiroid Waddah Scanner

  • Waddah Trend, Explosion Increase/Decrease
  • Trend Percentage with Threshold
  • DeadZone
  • Trend Direction Aligned Checks
  • Highlight and Alerts
  • Multi-Timeframe & Multi-Currency

Simple Waddah Multimeter

  • Waddah Trend Direction
  • Trend Strength (above/below explosion line or deadzone)
  • Trend Explosion Alert
  • Alignment alerts
  • Multi-timeframe
  • Custom currency
  • Multi indicators on same chart (unique prefix)

Abiroid Pinbar Scanner

  • Choose Pin bar checks:
    • PinBar Body Options
    • PinBar Nose and Tail Options
    • Left Eye Options
  • Engulfing Bar After Pin Bar
  • Overbought/Oversold with CCI or Stochastic or RSI
  • Distance of Pin bar body from nearest Quarter Point
    • Option to use Majors, halfpoints, quarters
  • Volatility Check

TDI Sharkfin Arrows and Scanner

TDI Sharkfin Indicators Pack:
  • Sharkfin Arrows
  • Sharkfin Scanner
  • SM TDI: To show TDI lines with sharkfin levels
  • Zigzag MTF: To see Higher Timeframe trend

Abiroid Quarters Scanner

This scanner uses Quarter’s Theory. It finds the nearest quarters to current price. And when price gets close within a

Abiroid ZigZag High Low Counter

  • Show symbols for:
    • Higher-Highs,¬†Higher-Lows
    • Lower-Lows, Lower-Highs
  • And show counter for each
  • Non-repainting option
  • Customize Color and horizontal/vertical labels

TDI Cross Scanner

  • Show TDI Signal and Trend
  • Show Volatility & Overbought/Oversold
  • Show cross between:
    • PriceLine & TSL
    • PriceLine & MBL
    • MBL & TSL
    • PriceLine and Upper/Lower VBands
  • Alerts for alignment between multiple timeframes

Range Breaker Scalper

  • Range Breakout
    • Breakout Bar: Min/Max Length
    • Bull/Bear Power
    • Tight Range before Breakout
  • NRTR Trend and HTF NRTR Trend
  • MA Stack Trend
  • Zigzag High Low Trend checks
  • Volume and Waddah Volatility Checks

Abiroid PSAR Scanner

  • Scan for PSAR Switch
  • Check ADX line and +DI, -DI
  • Check Higher Timeframe PSAR Alignment
  • Check MA Stacked

Template Switcher Script (Source Code)

This is a template switcher script mq4 file. This script will work with your MT4 (Metatrader 4) platform. It is

Abiroid High Low Count Scanner

Find ongoing trends and ranges on any pair and any timeframe:
  • Uses Zigzag to find Highs and Lows
  • Get Higher Highs (HH) and Higher Lows (HL) Count
  • And Lower Lows (LL) and Lower Highs (LH) Count
  • Highlight Based on a Count Threshold
  • Get Alerts at Count Threshold