Customizer Sample Wrappers


I’ll keep adding some sample wrappers for using with Customizer.


Sample code for getting next higher timeframe indicator values in buffer.

Inbuilt MA Indicator:

Example used is Inbuilt MA Indicator. Just replace it with any iCustom indicator you like (234 downloads)



Sometimes certain indicators keep their buffers hidden. You can use this iCustom Wrapper to show their buffers: (50 downloads)

In settings use the ex4 name for which you need to find buffer values.

And use Buffer numbers for Buffer A and B:

Best way to find buffer numbers is to change the colors in Colors tab. For your original indicator which is using hidden buffers:

Here’s an example with hidden arrows:

Now you’ll see the values in Buffers of your wrapper in your Data Window. Use these values to create Customizer Buy/Sell Conditions.

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