Abiroid EMA Scalper

  • 1: MA Crossover Up/Down Arrow (Mandatory Check)
  • 2: If NRTR Check On (Optional):
    • If NRTR Shadow Distance On (Optional)
  • 3: If High Volume bar On
  • 4: If HTF Trend MA Align On (Optional)
  • 5: If TMA Slope On (Optional)


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Scanner Dashboard Free:


Free Demo:

Demo works on EURUSD


Extra Indicators (Free):

NRTR With Shadow:

MA Crossover:

TMA Slope Indicator:

Volume Candles:


Sample Template:


Basic Strategy:

  • 1: MA Crossover Up/Down Arrow (Mandatory Check)

Optional Checks:

  • 2: If NRTR Check On (Optional):
    • For BUY: Check if NRTR blue and For SELL: NRTR Red
    • If NRTR Shadow Distance On (Optional):
      • Check price for ‘x’ bars back: at Shadow distance (ATR Multiplier distance) from NRTR line.
  • 3: If High Volume bar On:
    • Check if High Volume or if Medium (if on) Volume bar ‘x’ bars back
  • 4: If HTF Trend Align On (Optional):
    • Check if Higher Timeframe MA up/down trend direction also aligned with current timeframe direction
  • 5: If TMA Slope On (Optional):
    • Check if slope > Threshold for BUY
    • Or slope < -Threshold for SELL

Don’t use Slope and NRTR Shadow together. You will get very few signals. Because after NRTR breaks through shadow, it takes sometime for slope to become Bearish or Bullish.


  • Arrows Calculation Settings:

  • Spread Check and Alerts:

  • Main: MA Cross-Over

Use MA_Cross_OC_AbiroidQ.ex4 as extra indicator on chart.

  • NRTR Shadow Check (Optional)

Use NRTR_Rosh_Abiroid.ex4 as extra indicator on chart.

Check 1: For Buy Price is above Support line (Thick Blue). For Sell, price is below Resistance line (Thick red)

Check 2: When price enters NRTR shadow of Support, good for Buy. And in shadow of Resistance, good for Sell.

The Shadow is calculated with “Shadow ATR Multiplier”. Keep 0 if you only want NRTR Support/Resistance check (check 1).

Price Type in Shadow: Open, Close of High/Low

Check if candle open/close/High(for sell) OR Low(for Buy) is inside Shadow. For past “Num bars Shadow Check” number of bars.

  • Volume Check (Optional):

Check if at least past “Num bars Volume Check” number of bars were a Strong or Medium Volume bars.

Use VolumeCandles.ex4 as extra indicator on chart.

Red: High Volume Bearish

Green: High Volume Bullish

Purple: Medium Volume Bearish

Blue: Medium Volume Bullish

  • HTF MA Check (Optional):

If Number of timeframes is 2. And Start Check is H1. Then it will check H1 and H4 for MA Trend.

For BUY, both HTF should have fast EMA above slow EMA.

For SELL, both HTF should have fast EMA below slow EMA.

Only use when you need to stay aligned with higher timeframe. Because it will give a lot fewer signals for scalping.

  • TMA Slope Check (Optional):

Use Abiroid_TMA_Slope_Calc.ex4 as extra indicator on chart.

TMA Types:

  • TMA True (Non-repainting)
  • Fast Line TMA
  • TMA CG

Types of possible Slopes:

  • Trending: For Buy, Slope > Threshold. For Sell, Slope < -Threshold

Meaning Ignore when: For Buy, if slope is downwards and For Sell, if slope is Upwards

  • Ranging: Slope between +Threshold and -Threshold
  • Or Both

Change TMA_ATR_Multiplier to increase/decrease TMA bands width

Slope Period Bars: Number to calculate slope between 2 bars.

E.g: Value 5 means Slope of center TMA line between: bar(x) and bar(x+5)


Best Conditions:

Works best for M15+.

Scalping strategy works best with NRTR Shadow check true.

For Binary Options, always use Volume Check true.


Be careful:

On M1 be careful with Binary options.

Not very suitable for longer-term trading. This indicator is good for scalping. Even on higher timeframes.

If signal bar is very long, even if it is high volume bar, be careful as there might be retracement.

And don’t trade when market is too slow and has very less volatility:

Also avoid a whipsaw market where price is all over the place:



v1.0 Base Version

v1.1 Changed Alerts to show Fast and Slow EMA Periods.

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