Abiroid TMA Slope

Slope indicator for 3 types of TMA Bands:

  • TMA True (Non-repaint)
  • Fast Line TMA (Repaints)
  • TMA+CG (Repaints)

Available extras ex4 files for all TMA Bands types. Useful to find if market is Trending or Ranging.


All products are non-refundable. Since these are digital products. No source code available, only executables. Please read product description carefully before buying.


Download Demo:

Note: Demo Only works on EURUSD

This is a slope indicator for TMA Bands indicator. It calculates slope of the center line.

It supports 3 types of TMA Bands:

  • TMA True (Non-repaint)
  • Fast Line TMA (Repaints)
  • TMA+CG (Repaints)

It will help you determine whether price is Trending or Ranging based on the Threshold you set.

Download extra TMA Indicators for strategy here:

How It Works:

You can set the Slope Threshold for indicating Buy/Sell heightened levels.

Suppose we set Threshold to -5 and 5, then this is what we get:

And also set Slope Period Bars. Default is 5, which means it will measure the TMA middle line values for past 5 bars and find the Slope based on time for past 5 bars.

You can also get Alerts when slope changes. Alerts can be Popups, Push Notifications, Email or in a File.

Here are all the settings:

Also get TMA Slope in Buffer values.

How to Trade:

If slope is red, it indicates that TMA lines are sloping downwards, and price is in downwards trend.

So only trade sell signals.

If slope is Green, it indicates TMA lines are sloping upwards and price is in upwards bullish trend.

So only trade buy signals.


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