Abiroid Scanner Dashboard Common Settings

This post describes Common settings for all Abiroid Scanner Dashboards.

These are available on Metatrader’s Market:


And in the Shop:



A scanner Dashboard indicator will scan multiple Pairs for Multiple Timeframes and it will show results for all.

Based on these results, user can go to individual charts by clicking on Dash buttons and trade. Scanner makes it easier to have all information available in a single chart.

Unique Prefix:

Make sure to have a unique Prefix. Because it is used to draw scanner components on chart. Unique Prefix will avoid conflicts with any other indicators on the same chart.

Pairs/Timeframes Settings:

Main Pairs Preset:

Contains several presets for Forex Pairs like:














Main Pair List:

If you want to use your own pair list or other things that your broker provides like stocks, BTC, etc, then specify Own Pair List in drop-down and give a comma separated pair list for “Main Pair List”.



Comma-separated list of timeframes. Possible values: M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1,W1,MN1


Size of Dashboard font. Also changes the overall size of the dashboard. Recommended fontSize is 8. But to have smaller dash, set to 6. Anything less than 6 might be too small.


Number of columns of Dashboard. Set to 2 if you want dashboard to have smaller height so it doesn’t overlap with the chart below.

If Chart is above dashboard and you want it to go under, press F8 or right-click chart and select Properties -> Common and uncheck “Chart on Foreground”


To position Dashboard on chart

OnButtonClick Open New Window:

If true, then if you click a button on dashboard, it will open that Pair/Timeframe chart in a new Window. If false, it will open chart in current window.

Use Template For New Window:

If previous property is true, then this template is used for the chart opened in new window. This template should be in Metatrader’s templates folder.

Highlight Open Order Pairs:

If true, then highlight the pair names in dash using the Buy/Sell Colors set for “Open Buy/Sell Order Colors” if an order is currently open for that currency pair.

ButtonWidth, RowHeight Increase/Decrease:

To Increase Button Width or Row Height of Dashboard set this to a positive value. To decrease it, set to negative value.


Alerts Settings:


If true: Get Detailed Logs in Strategy Tester Journals tab or for Live trading in Experts tab of your Terminal Window. Detailed logs will show why signals are generated or ignored. Which conditions are met, etc.

Popup Alerts:

If true: Get Popup Alerts on new Signal (Buy or Sell)

Sound Alerts:

If true: Get Sound Alerts along with Popups

Send push notification:

If true: Get push notification on your mobile Metatrader app

Send email:

If true: Get email on the account you have set in metatrader emails setting.

File Alerts (In MQL4/Files):

If true: It will create a file with csv extension using the Prefix you set. Or you can also specify a Custom File Name in the next property. All alerts will be written in this File.

So you can use this with any EA. For example, all Abiroid Dashboards work with this Telegram Forwarder EA using the File Alerts:


Refresh After Ticks:

If this setting is available, it will work if your Shift is set to 0. Dash normally refreshes every new bar. But if Shift is 0, means it needs to update for current candle. So, it will refresh every “Refresh After Ticks” number of ticks.

Read more about ticks here:


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