Abiroid Support Resistance Scanner

  • Scan Support/Resistance zones
  • Show alert when price is inside these zones and highlight
  • Show or hide SR zones prices
  • Show or hide current price distance in points from SR zones


All products are non-refundable. Since these are digital products. No source code available, only executables. Please read product description carefully before buying.


This is a Multi-currency multi-timeframe Support/Resistance Scanner Dashboard for Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform.


  • Scan Support/Resistance zones (also called Supply/Demand zones)
  • Alert when price is inside these zones and highlights the pair/timeframe
  • Show/hide SR zones price nearest to current price (Price_Close)
  • Show or hide current price (Price_Close) distance in points from SR zones
  • Alert filtering using MA Fast and Slow

This is not a full Trading System. It is best used with your existing strategies as a validating indicator. Because it signifies best reversal and breakout zones.


It uses this indicator to derive the SR Values:


Get free Demo:

Demo version only allows 3 pairs. But contains all functionality of the actual dashboard.

So you can try it before buying 🙂


Dashboard refreshes every new bar. and also every “Refresh After Ticks” number of ticks.

Video Tutorial:


Types of zones:

Try and use only the Verified SR. Because those will be most reliable. Other Support/Resistance lines which are Untested or Weak or Possible, might disappear when broken.

Also sometimes, if multiple zones get too close together, then they will merge.

  • Verified SR: Support/Resistance where price has hit and bounced back two or more times and is therefore verified. This type also has a hit test count shown in the dash.

  • Untested SR: Support/Resistance where price has hit and bounced back only once.

  • Turncoat SR: A support which was broken and is now a likely resistance is a Turncoat Resistance. A resistance which was broken and is now a likely support is a Turncoat Support.
  • Weak SR: Was a support/resistance a while back. But not a very strong one right now.
  • Possible SR: Might become a possible Support/Resistance. But not to be trusted until it is tested.


Zone Merge: If you need nearby Support/Resistance zones to merge into a single zone.

Zone Extend: Most of the time, supply/demand areas aren’t very fixed and distinct.

Zone extend uses ATR to add a bit more space based on current price action. So, if volatility is high, the zone’s extend a bit to allow more probable fuzziness.

  Original Zone (Un-merged, Un-extended)


  Merged Zone (but Un-extended)


  Merged and Extended Zone


MA Filtering Alerts:

Use Fast MA and Slow MA to find the current trend. And filter Alerts based on Trend.

If Fast MA is above Slow MA, means its an Up trend. So only show Alerts when price is in Support zone.

If Fast MA is below Slow MA, means its a Down Trend. So only show Alerts when price is in Resistance zone.


MA Filtering Highlight:

Same as above. This option set to true will also filter the highlighted boxes on the scanner as well.

If Fast MA > Slow MA only the box showing price inside Support zone will be highlighted.

If Fast MA < Slow MA only the box showing price inside Resistance zone will be highlighted.

And select MA Timeframe. To keep the current pair and timeframe, just leave it at “current”. Or else select any timeframe from drop down.

There is no feature to have different “MA timeframes” for different pair/tf.



See Scanner common settings:


Refresh After Ticks: This shows how often the Dash refreshes. It will wait for these number of ticks. When using too many pairs, don’t keep this number too low like 10, as dash might hang.

Show Points: Show or Hide the Price distance from Support/Resistance in points

Show Price: Show/Hide the Support/Resistance price. For support it will show the upper level of zone. Because we are interested when price crosses this level and enters into support.


Check Zone Enter: Will only give alerts on Zone Entry

Check Zone Exit: Will only give alerts on Zone Exit. It will check both: Price bouncing off a zone inwards. And price breaking through a Support/Resistance.

Alert On Zones Aligned: Will alert if all timeframes have the same zone status. Suppose all timeframes has price inside a resistance, then it will alert alignment:

Please note that this will only happen for all your selected timeframes:


Distance Calculations:

For resistance it will show the lower level of zone:

The distance in points is from nearest support/resistance line. So, distance will be from resistance lower line and support upper line by default.

But, suppose price breaks a support downwards, then the distance now will be from support’s lower line.

And if price breaks a resistance upwards, then the distance now will be from resistance’s upper line.

A negative distance indicates that price is inside that SR zone.

In this example, price is 128 points inside the resistance zone:


None Calculated:

R: None means resistance is not yet formed.

S: None means support is not yet formed.

Sometimes if a zone is just broken, it will take a few more ticks to form. So, refresh the dash if you are seeing None for both Support and Resistance.

Suppose price has kept climbing, then a good resistance has not yet formed. So R: None will signify price is trending upwards in a consistent way.

Without making any new resistance. And the older resistances are not relevant anymore. This will happen a lot if you are only looking for verified or untested SR.

And not turncoat SR.

Same for support, vice versa.


How to Use:

This dashboard is just to show SR Zones and possible reversal areas for price.

Use it as a validating indicators in your strategies. Be careful as this is not to be used as a standalone indicator.

If you see multiple timeframes enter support/resistance, then likelihood of reversal becomes very strong.


Known Issue:

If you keep Refresh After Ticks too low, and if volatility is very high, it won’t have enough time to fully gather all Support/Resistance values for all pairs.

And the new refresh cycle will start. In this case you will see a lot of S:None, R:None. If this happens keep Refresh After Ticks to higher. And refresh.



v1.0 Base Version

v1.1 Added MA Filtering for Alerts

Added zone extend and zone merge as options

Added option: MA Filtering to filter highlighted boxes also

v1.3 Added alerts for zone entry and zone exit. Added alerts for timeframe SR alignment.

SR and price distances will now be based on nearest SR Zone’s line in case of breakout.

v1.4 Added MA Timeframe option for MA Filtering

v1.5 Fixed a bug in MA Filtering in previous version
Removed variable Shift. Keeping it fixed at 0.

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