Setup Email Alerts with Abiroid Dashboards in MT4


To get Email Alerts, firstly you need to set it up in MT4 App. Go to Tools -> Options -> Emails

Add your email address and password here. And in SMTP server, add:

For Gmail:

For yahoo:

For live/hotmail:

Or whatever settings your email provider requires.


App Passwords (Gmail):

Gmail has a new security measure. Where it will only allow 3rd Party apps to connect using App Passwords.

Because this is much more secure.


In your Google Accounts Settings, turn-on 2-step Authentication.

Then create an App Password:

Next, click on App Passwords.

In Select App, click on Other from drop-down box and put any name (e.g. MT4) here.

Click Generate. Now it will show you a 16-digit password. Copy-paste this password in MT4 SMTP password.

Click on Test to see if you get a test email from Metatrader.


Abiroid Dashboard:

In Alerts Section Set Send Email true:

That’s it!

Your Dashboard should now start sending you all signals as Email Alerts.

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